Altar Alpha Omega

Our Beliefs

Our vision is of a network of individuals and groups interacting together to share spiritual insight and under-standing in an open and non-judgmental way, in order to promote spiritual growth through the application to life of the Word, and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

  • We believe there is one God, who is the God of all religions.
  • We believe there is a place in heaven for all who show love to God and to other people, whatever their religion.
  • We believe that God has shown himself to us in a human form- Jesus Christ.
  • We believe that if we live a good life, with love to God and other people, we will live in heaven with other angels who are similar to us.
  • We believe that hell exists but not that God sends us there. It is a place that people choose for themselves if they prefer to make selfish choices.
  • We believe that God gives us the freedom to choose whether to be good or bad.
  • We believe that if we pray to God for help, and truly wish to be better people, He will help us to do so.
  • We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, full of symbols and parables that teach us about spiritual life.
  • We learn more about the heavenly meaning of the Bible from the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg who was an 18th century scientist, philosopher and theologian.