Braithwaite Road
Braithwaite Village
BD22 6PX

Message from Revd Christine Bank
Revd Christine BankWe hope you find friendship, instruction and inner peace here. We do not wish to impose our ideas on you, but we would like to help you find guidance about the spiritual motivation we need and the choices we have to make in our daily lives, which affect other people.

Each Sunday at 10.30 a.m. we meet for worship, to hear the Bible explained and applied to life, to praise the Lord with hymn-singing and bring our concerns to the Lord in prayer.

Children can take part in the first part of the service. They then have their own separate activities to learn about the Christian approach to life.

Services are informal, with hymn singing and bible readings, led by our minister (pictured) or an approved worship leader. A Holy Supper service is conducted every month.

We welcome visitors to all our services here and hope you will find them friendly and spiritually uplifting.

Briathwaite Road starts in Keighley at the junction with West Lane, where there is a signpost to ‘Laycock’, the next village after Braithwaite.  The entrance to our car park is immediately after a small hill, so watch out for the ‘concealed entrance’ sign. Pedestrians can approach the Church directly from the old Braithwaite Village road, which is very narrow and twisty, so it is not recommended for visitors arriving by car.


A service of worship is held every Sunday at 10:30am
The Braithwaite Village Crafters meet in the hall on the first and third Tuesdays each month 10:00am – 12 Noon