Seaburn Dene

Shields Road
Seaburn Dene
Telephone: 07546 116 071


At Seaburn Dene New Church we welcome you and hope you find peace and understanding here. The New Church believes that the Lord has given us all Free Will and as such we will not impose our ideas on you but instead help you to find guidance which we hope will help you make decisions in your daily life to hopefully lead a more fulfilled and harmonious life. We believe that everybody has something to offer, including children and young people.

We meet approximately once a fortnight with either a visiting Minister or lay worship leader conducting the service. Our Services are always informal, including opportunity for discussion, hearing from The Bible and the singing of hymns and/or listening to music. We also pray, including the Lord’s Prayer. A Holy Supper Service will be held at least quarterly, where possible, by a visiting Minister. Connecting with God is an important part of our Church life. As well as Services we also hold activities some weeks in place of a Service – a chance to come together for fellowship, work towards a common goal, have fun and learn about the Lord in a different way.

The New Church follows a Christian religion and believes that there is One God, with all good things coming from Him. Our beliefs are based around Faith (in the Lord), Charity (wanting the best for somebody else purely for their benefit) and Good Work (putting the Lord’s wishes into action).   We use The Bible to help us learn but also believe that the Lord’s second coming as “the Spirit of truth” is fulfilled in the theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, the 18th Century Scientist and Philosopher. The teachings revealed through him indicate a harmonious inner meaning of the Old and New Testaments addressed to the modern understanding.

Together we learn more and we welcome you into the Church Community. Please feel free to contact us with any queries or concerns or feel free to join us at one of our Services or events (see Service list for dates).

The Church is available for the use of Weddings, Baptism and Funerals.   Please contact us to discuss further as the availability of a visiting Minister will be required. Ministers are happy to oblige wherever possible and local church members are available to work alongside.


2018 Upcoming Events and Services

16th Sept – Rev Bruce Jarvis – Family Service/Holy Supper (last service by Bruce before retries fully)

23rd Sept – Nicky Ramsay  and guest David Moffat – Music Day

7th Oct – Lynne Griffiths – Harvest Celebration

21st Oct – Rev Christine Bank – Family Service

11th Nov – Rev David Gaffney – Remembrance Sunday

25th Nov – Hazel Nicholls and Team – Creative Christmas

9th Dec – Rev David Gaffney  Family Service/Holy Supper

16th Dec – Seekers and team  – Carols by candlelight/Toy Gift Service

25th Dec – Lynne Griffiths – Christmas Day celebration