E-News and E-Read Coming Soon…

We are delighted to announce two new online news publication that The General Conference of the New Church will be producing; E-News and E-Read.

Both publications will be in PDF format and uploaded to this section of the web site as and when a new issue is released (no set schedule – they will be sporadically released when content is available). They can be viewed online or printed out (A4 colour, single or double sided) and shared with others.


E-News, as the title suggests, will be a source of all the latest news from around our Churches and the General Conference community.

Please send any news you have (including photos) for E-News, as and when you have it to gemma.mclean@gcnc.org.uk. Please ensure you have the permission and consent of anyone whose personal information you are using for this.


E-Read will contain articles and letters.

If you would like to contribute an article or letter to E-Read, please email it to gemma.mclean@gcnc.org.uk. Please note that publication is at the discretion of our Spiritual Leadership.


If you would like to sign up for email notifications for E-News and/or E-Read (to receive an email every time a new issue is added to the web site, with a link to the new issue), please do so by clicking here.

Please feel free to pass this link on to anyone else who might also wish to sign up for these notifications.

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