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Ok so maybe there isn’t any breaking news, but I wanted to do a little experiment to see how many Conference people actually looked at this news section on the web site.

If you are seeing this, then please comment below!

11 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. I am not a member of the Conference, but I would be keen to hear what breaking news there might be on the passing of that New Church stalwart, the Rev. Norman Ryder.

  2. I too am not a Conference member but I always tune in to ‘breaking news’ when I see such a link. Surely the ‘breaking news’ now is that there are actually at least seven people who would like to see some.

    • I agree. If people would like to email any such news to then please do. I have asked for this several times but to no avail. Unfortunately, I cannot publish what I don’t have. At least we now know that people do read this page!

  3. I feel I can’t comment here without thinking of some breaking news now! Trouble is knowing what comes under this heading. Well, does the fact that we had more than 20 attend our last Sunday Service count? (& it was August Bank Holiday)

  4. I was glad to read the eulogies for Norman Ryder, and am sorry that I never had a chance to meet him in person. His bibliography is an amazing work.

  5. Kearsley Sunday school -Carolyn Kennion,Keith Dunbar and Co won £100 and a large shield for our local Scarecrow festival – they made a scene of Jesus in a boat calming the storm. There were 49 entrants in the category! brilliant creator Carolyn !
    Also we have papered, packed and labelled 69 shoe boxes for children for Christmas! I never want to see knitted hats again! -or at least not until next year !

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