Heavenly Quotes Part 10

For our final entry in the series, we have a selection of quotes:


In multiplying the human race He [the Lord] aims at the preservation of creation, and as its ultimate aim the heaven of angels, which is solely from the human race.

Swedenborg, Conjugial Love 402


Heaven is not confined to any particular place, but is everywhere, with everyone, where the divine being is present in charity and faith.

Swedenborg, Arcana Caelestia 8931


There are two things by which heaven is shut to the people of the church, one is a denial of the Lord’s divine and the other is a denial of the sanctity of the Word.

Swedenborg, Apocalypse Explained


The purpose of creation is to create a heaven of angels from the human race.



When people are in heaven they are without all solitude, restlessness and anxiety, and then they are in a state of blessedness.

Swedenborg, Arcana Caelestia 8890


Heaven is doing good from good will and hell is doing evil from ill will.


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